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270Mesh Stainless Steel Screen Printing 0.035mm

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Mesh Count: 270
Wire Dia.:  0.035mm
Aperture: 0.059mm
Stainless Steel Screen Printing Mesh is a weaved cloth stretched over the screen frame. The most common mesh type in integrated circuit manufacturing is stainless steel plain weave cloth made from high performance alloys. Besides printing mesh wire cloth is a very versatile product that has applications in a large number of industries, such as electro-magnetic radiation shielding, ultra-precise filtration or sizing and sieving.
Weave Type: Plain Weave
Material Types: SS304, 316L, etc.
   * High tension: much higher tension than common polyester mesh ,and this property is very stable.
   * Super precision: uniform wire diameter and aperture with extremely low difference.
   * High corrosion resistance: the excellent corrosion resistance of stainless steel wire exceeds polyester, fiber.
   * Low elongation: very small elongation of wire mesh at high tension
   * Non-electrostatic: to avoid affects of non-electrostatic for printing and ensure the safety of printing 
   * Good heat-melting resistance: special features of steel wire mesh suitable for heat-melting ink
   * Good solvent resistance: to avoid the affects of any solvents to wire mesh and to ensure the safety of printing

Stainless steel printing mesh is suitable for the direct-to-plate operation and curved substrates, such as glass, ceramics, metal, plastics, rubber and prefabricated circuit, etc. It is in particular suitable for use in severe conditions. Stainless steel printing mesh is also suitable for multi-color overprint, batch printing, halftone printing and precision printing. 

270Mesh Stainless Steel Screen Printing 0.035mm



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