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Metal filter mesh

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Metal filters are precision filters in general, the filtering effect a general, efficient, precise, three. Main materials are stainless steel mesh, sintered wire mesh, sintered felt, filter processing, such as efficient honeycomb core made of! Its wide range of uses, from big to small or filter media can be accurate to microns! Widely used in pharmaceutical, mechanical, electrical, chemical, food processing, oil refining, steel mills, sewage treatment, precision filter, scientific experiments and other industries.

Material: 201,304,304 L, 316,316 L stainless steel wire mesh, perforated metal mesh, welded wire mesh

1: Size small, easy site layout and installation.
2: stencil material and structure to maximize the flow area of water flow, water filters effectively reduce the resistance, to ensure reliable operation does not occur cards, block, plug the phenomenon, greatly extending the filter.
3: filter using 3-6mm stainless steel stamping the whole, the core network should be able to withstand 150 kPa of pressure, without distortion, no damage. Has a long working life, corrosion resistance, no rust, smooth surface, non-fouling properties


Filters can be used for softening, desalination, water filters, water pretreatment system, can also be used for less demanding industrial water supply, oil fine filtration equipment. Mainly use the filter installed within the filter layer to remove water, oil containing suspended solids and clarified by settling particles can not remove the adhesive resin, the effluent, oil of transparency.

Metal filter mesh

Metal filter mesh



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